Meaning: A perceptual condition in which people may see sounds, taste words or feel a sensation on their skin when they smell certain scents.

Looking past
The green casement,
Gazing at the calm sky,
I could sense
the muezzin playing.

Crows taken aback,
Suddenly flew.

The sour creamy walls
Of the mosque,
Cried fire,
Screamed smoke,
Bled red.
For this I thought,
Could there be a first aid?

I had learnt to see sounds,
Synesthetes aiding
my partial deafness,
But that day,
I heard for the first time
When the blast
Deafened me even more.
Or was it my synesthesia?

I knew it was time
For a dozen coffins to be laid.
Perhaps it was the fault
Of the threads
on the wall of the Dargah
That got loosened.


31 Replies to “Synesthesia.”

    1. Thank you so much! No, I do not have synesthesia. It was to make more people aware about its existence. Although, the main theme of the poem was to highlight what happens on a daily basis in Kashmir, India and other Islamic war-torn countries.


    2. Thank you so much! And no, I do not have synesthesia! It was to highlight its existence as not many people know of it! Though, the main theme of the poem was to highlight the plight of the people of Kashmir, India and other Islamic countries due to terrorism!🙂


  1. Navya, if what i heard is right, synesthesia is a condition where the people who has it has their vision and sound processing part of their brain gets linked faultily by birth.

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    1. Yes, you are correct. But other than that, it’s not just the vision and sound but also smells and tastes that are simultaneously perceived. Letters, shapes, objects, names, colours, tastes, smells, flavours, etc. can be among the factors that can get linked. Also, it’s not only by birth, in some cases, it can be acquired as well.

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